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Alleviation of over-abstraction of Chalk groundwater in the Upper River Ivel

Earlier in 2022, thanks to your generosity of Reviuvels members and others who very kindly donated  we were able to commission the services of John Lawson (a renowned specialist in this field) to conduct a study on the upper Ivel and make recommendations as to how to save our river.  

His draft report was discussed in detail at a recent meeting with the Environment Agency (EA) and Affinity Water.  John Lawson and Charles Rangeley-Wilson OBE (author, conservationist, and Chair of a national chalk streams restoration group) supported RevIvel at the meeting.

Latest report from the Environmental Agency 

Monthly reports on rainfall, soil moisture deficit, river flows, groundwater levels and reservoir levels.

Podcast on Chalk Streams
A really good podcast on chalk streams by Professor Kate Heppell.
Over 30 mins Kate gives a brilliant introduction to all things chalk streams…..

Flushed away – how sewage is still polluting the rivers of England and Wales . A report by WWF in 2017.

Water for Wildlife – tackling drought and unsustainable abstraction.A WWF report.

Rivers on the Edge.A WWF report 
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