Upper River Ivel at Radwell Summer 2019

Why do we exist?

The upper reaches of the River Ivel are dying. We are a volunteer-based community organisation and we intend to do something about it, by informing and educating the local population, raising awareness of the sources of the problem and tackling the issues directly wherever we can.

The source of the Ivel is just north of Baldock. It flows through Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire joining the River Ouse at Tempsford before flowing into the North Sea north of Kings Lynn.

Our goal is for the restoration of sufficient flow in the upper River Ivel to sustain brown trout all year round.

River Ivel Catchment Area

Why does this affect you?

If the river dies, we will lose our unique and rare chalk stream and its springs, as well as the natural environment they create.

Historically these parts of the river were able to power numerous mills in the area, but unsustainable abstraction of chalk water for household and industrial use and overwhelmed sewerage systems have had a massive impact on the river over recent decades.

Sewage is spilling into our river, wildlife is suffering, water levels are too low and getting worse, and beauty spots will be lost.

How can you help?

It's simple. We need you to join. Today.

For a £10 annual donation, you can support our efforts to put things right.

But that's not all! We also need volunteers, expertise, fundraisers and more. Find out more at the links below.

We are continually updating our social media pages with the latest news. Please follow us on:

How can we make a difference?

Our team of dedicated volunteers is working tirelessly to help restore the eco system, secure the water supply for the population and tackle the problems head on. Read more about what our volunteers can achieve.

Evidence Collected

We monitor and report on the state of the river

Raise Awareness

Help people to understand the current situation

Hold to Account

Hold authorities to account for their responsibilities

Press & Media

Gain media coverage to help spread the word

Meet Stakeholders

Meet with the right people to pressurise for action


Ensure residents understand what needs to happen

Protect the Future

Secure the eco-system for future generations

Wildlife Recovery

Help wildlife to recover from devastating impacts

Monitor the Flow

Track and monitor the water levels in the river

Secure the Supply

Protect water supplies for future generations

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